The Unknown

The Unknown

Do you try to figure everything out? Are you frustrated when you don’t know which way to go? Do you find yourself throwing up your hands yelling “I’m out!” 

Well, I do. I have been walking through a few unknown things lately and I continued to get frustrated because I felt, I couldn’t hear the voice of the lord. I felt confused and honestly a little lost. I had no idea how to navigate the situation. 

I reached out to my pastor and he reminded me of a scripture in Joshua that says, you have not passed this way before. It hit me, I was being hard on myself for not knowing directions for a trip I had never made. Why? I would say that it was because I was desperate for the situation to find resolve and be over. I felt I was not being very Christ-like because I had all of these feelings I thought I was supposed to be managing. Hurt, I was supposed to be hiding and pretending to be completely over.  When I stopped and let my community in, the Lord spoke, you have never been this way. 

What a relief to know I am not failing, I do not have to shove my feeling aside. I can take the time I need to process them. I am just in new territory and that is ok, as long as I lean on Him. 

I am learning we can love without expectations and still create healthy boundaries. When we create healthy boundaries with people and time to hear from the Lord, either on our own or through counsel, everything goes better. The peace of God can reign in our lives and the Father can teach us how to process, be wise and let go. 

How can you apply this to your own life? 

  1. Step back from hard situations and get a clear head. 
  2. Seek counsel from someone you trust to speak the truth, even if it’s hard to hear.
  3. Don’t be so hard on yourself! 
  4. Trust the process and take the time you need to heal. 

Remember to pray and ask the Father to show you the way, you have never been this way before! 

Blog by Jami Johns inspired by Pastor Mike Hooper


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