His Kingdom

His Kingdom

God’s deeply invested in restoring things that have been lost. The Gospel is the Good News about God restoring all of creation. He desires to restore us to His original intent or as some may say, the factory settings. There are many things around us we can’t see, and it’s essential to understand that we are just as much a part of a spiritual world as well as a material world. In God’s Kingdom, whatever is true about Him is what fills the atmosphere.

So what do we know about Him?

  1. God is Love

God is the essence of love. The love that motivates someone to pursue another with unwavering goodwill. The kind of love that will not tolerate harm or darkness. The type of love demonstrated by Jesus when He healed the sick and died on the cross to save us. 

2. God is Life

God is life the very breath that we breathe. He is what makes things come to life and live fully. We know that in Him is Life and that life is the light in men.

3. God is righteousness and peace

Righteousness is not just the absence of evil but rather things working just right. In other words, rightly functioning. A fine-tuned vehicle or a blueprint perfectly executed.

So the Kingdom of God is a life and love soaked realm where everything works as it should. 

In the story of creation, everything was created with love, life, righteousness, and peace. It’s important to know that in the garden, Adam and Eve were connected to God. When they fell, they connected to a different kingdom. The other kingdom altered the entire course of the human race. Here we can see the problem; satan is the opposite of God; he steals, kills, and destroys. God came to love, give life, and bring righteousness, but Adam and Eve unplugged from the source of life, and because of that choice, they had to leave the garden. You see, when we connect to our knowledge, the knowledge of good and evil, we are now the source. We become connected to the limit of ourselves. When we connect to the wrong kingdom, love, life, and peace are replaced with selfishness, death, and fear. Ekk, I don’t know about you, but I can not do it by myself! But there’s hope and Freedom because Jesus holds the keys, He is the Way the Truth and the Life. He is our connection back to the Father. God always had a plan to restore what was lost, and His Son Jesus, at just the right moment, entered the chaos and decay to save the day! 

What is the Kingdom?

The Kingdom of God – The invisible but active reality of God’s presence

The Kingdom of God is the presence and power of God to enable us to come to a new way of seeing and knowing reality, of seeing and knowing God. As a result, we can begin to see and understand ourselves more clearly as well. Those who will choose to see differently through God’s perspective will be free to exercise their will to be who they were truly meant to be. 

Romans 14:17, For the kingdom of God, is not eating and drinking, but righteousness and peace and joy in the Holy Spirit.

The Kingdom of God has the power to affect anything that enters its atmosphere.  

How do we get reconnected?

Choose to Enter in, Change your source from yourself to Jesus, Surrender self-reliance, Surrender to the immediate present rule of God. 

When we do this, true change will come, and it will be by His power, not our effort!

 Live your life fully knowing He is our God, and we are His children.
Message from Church on the Lake by Pastor Mike Hooper

Blog by Jami Johns


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